Local Love Spotlight


I’m starting to write this blog post on International Women’s Day and how fitting to be highlighting EMMYDEVEAUX. I had the opportunity to sit down with Emily Salsbury last week, didn’t know what to expect from our conversation but knew that I really wanted to know her story. If you haven’t heard of Emily, she is the founder of a clothing brand in Edmonton and starting a movement that I can most certainly stand behind with her vision and mission for her business. I also want to start by saying, when I told Emily that I wanted to write a blog post about her and her business - she said, “Just keep it short and sweet” Hahaha, now that I know her a little, she is a get straight to the point, action packed, hilarious, inspirational, smart business woman. And so, with that - I will do my best to fill you in on Emily and why I love her brand SO much with as little words as possible. I also just want to say this is NOT sponsored in any way!

First of all, Emily is self taught and born from an Entrepreneurial spirit. I didn’t even know who she was a few months ago, but as I came across her brand on social media and received an invite to her launch party in the fall (and didn’t think it was legit :)) I quickly began to follow her and her business and loved listening to the rawness of her social media stories. Emily has been a retail & real estate consultant for many years and has worked with many large brands. She also worked at the University of Alberta’s School of Retailing Business Program as the Executive Director and created programs for students that are still there today. She brought in large partnerships like H&M, LUSH, Aritzia, Starbucks, and more. Her knowledge in the world of retail is unparalleled. She also worked as a stylist for many years for Southgate Mall and in fact, founded the styling program that exists there today. She was working as a consultant with the mall and built the program from scratch. She has dressed hundreds of women and fast forward to today, wanted to create a clothing brand that she saw closed a gap in the Canadian market place.

Her brand believes that sustainable fashion can be contemporary and chic. All her pieces are timeless, unique and made from the best sourced fabrics she can find to achieve the absolute best fit, cut and longevity. She designs all of her pieces, creates samples and has built a business model that believes in the customer determining the demand of her designs. She has a fund it campaign that is the proof of concept that she then sends off to production. Talk about a no inventory, no waste initiative for a high quality product. I was also so astonished that her pieces are designed to fit ALL sizes, from XXS to XXL. She is adamant that absolutely every woman that tries on her garments will fit the pieces, feel SO confident and not feel down on themselves for one second.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to try on a lot of her pieces and honestly, couldn’t believe the quality and detail that went into the design of each garment. I’ve linked below some of my favorite pieces. There is a piece in that store for every size, shape and demographic.

Happy Shopping everyone! Be sure to comment if you want me to continue sharing brands and businesses that I love!