Justine Martinson - Owner, Lipstick Empire Laser Spa


I had no idea I needed a personal stylist until I got one. Shopping with Jen was so eye-opening. She browsed the store with confidence, touching pieces along the way, and pondering them carefully (something I would never do). We went to the change room with only about 10-15 items. What happened next was what amazed me. Jen told me what to put on, and, half the time I thought "There's no way I'm going to like this. These pieces don't go together." But, they did. I’d walk out of the change room every time trying to act cool and not too excited. But, really, I LOOKED GOOD.
The thing is, I was wearing clothing I would normally never wear, but I still looked like me. I looked like a better, more-refined me. Jen studied me, my brand, and my online profile before we even went shopping. She knew just what to dress me in.

I can dress myself. I really can. I leave the house every day wearing something. The thing is though, half the time, what I'm wearing does not properly communicate my personal brand. I'm often mistaken for a university student instead of a working professional. ⠀

In so many ways, my experience with Jen is the perfect example of why I think businesses should hire a social media manager (even if just for training). Sure, we can all post on social media. It's as easy as putting on pants. But, what's not so easy is making sure it looks good, it represents your brand, and it stands out.

Jen styled me in ways I never thought of. She took 10-15 pieces and turned it into 50+ outfits. She was resourceful, thoughtful, and quick. Like a social media manager, she knew what she was doing, and it showed.

Abby, Lilia Communications Inc.


A huge thank you to Jen D Style who stepped in to help us put together a cohesive look for our band, Big City Sound. She provided personal shopping and wardrobe consultation – basically we spent an awesome day shopping and trying on personally selected outfits that she had selected based on our specifications. It wasn’t an easy task, as there were two of us with very different bodies, and we had to coordinate and be event appropriate but she definitely pulled it off. Jen is super fun and easy to interact with – like shopping with a gal pal – but one who’s only concentrating on you. We met her initially and answered a list of questions she asked and then she was off to find us treasures! We spent several hours at the mall at a later date, in a select few stores where she had found us the things she knew would work. She really honed in on what we were needing which was very specific, and was able to find things to suit each of us. What we wear in our band matters a lot since it is about presenting an image. Jen really got that. She is a pro at making you think outside the box and combine things in new and interesting ways. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who doesn’t have the time or interest to shop, but really wants to step up their fashion game. Thanks Jen!

Big City Sound Band

As a stay at home mom, I was struggling every morning with what to wear other than my standard black t-shirt and jeans. I personally love shopping and have a lot of clothes, but didn't know what to do with it all! I reached out to Jen D Style to help me maximize my wardrobe with the pieces I already owned. I asked her for a Wardrobe Consult & Edit and it was an amazing experience. Our first session, we focused on my closet and purged items that were out of date or not flattering and our second session was where we focused on putting outfits together. She left me with 12 casual looks that I could wear easily everyday and 5 date night/girls night outfits. Jen was very professional, kind and patient and made me see my clothes in a whole new light. She put some outfits together that were amazing, comfortable and stylish. She taught me to think outside of the box when it came to pieces and how to work with them to get different looks. I also learned that layering is my best friend, who knew! I thought it would just add bulk! I spent several hours with Jen, but honestly it flew by so quickly, I had such a blast. I now can create countless everyday looks, and night out looks with ease. She put together a "Look" board with pictures for me to reference as well. Overall, my experience left me feeling confident and empowered in my clothes. I can now say that I look forward to going into my closet every morning and start my day feeling great. I would definitely recommend Jen D style to anyone who is stuck in a rut, or just looking for a style refresh. Thanks again Jen D Style!!



Thank you so much Jen from Jen D Style for your patience, honesty, and fashion expertise. Jen took me from “having nothing to wear” to being excited to open my closet and plan my outfit for the day. She provided me with the "Busy Mom Package" and built me a completely new wardrobe.

The experience from beginning to end was fun and enjoyable. Shopping with Jen  was like shopping with a good friend with a great eye for fashion who can quickly see what works, what doesn’t, and is very tactful in letting you know. 

Our first meeting was focused on getting to know me, my lifestyle, and my personal style goals better. She also analyzed my body type and my color tone to use as a foundation for choosing attire that would emphasize my positive attributes while minimizing the weaker ones. Jen took an inventory on my closet to see what items were needed to meet my goals and complete my wardrobe. Before heading off to shop we both contributed to an online style inspiration board, which was super helpful. We shopped on three separate occasions to accommodate my “mom” schedule. Once we shopped together and the other two times Jen pre-selected items for me to try on. 


As a busy mom on the go it was important for my outfits to be comfortable to do a  lot of moving around in but still look fashionable. Jen built me a versatile wardrobe with many of the pieces able to be worn interchangeably to accomplish different looks. She found beautiful items I wouldn’t have purchased on my own and now they are now what I reach for first when picking an outfit.

I was ambivalent at first - not sure if as a stay at home mom this service suited my lifestyle. After completing the process I now realize it was an awesome investment in myself. Jen helped me to understand why certain looks are flattering for my body type, while others don’t work for me. She also taught me how to combine items I would have never considered putting together. 

I would shop again with Jen in a heartbeat and would highly recommend her styling services to anyone looking to amp up their style.


As a mature woman, I have been out of the work force for quite some time. As a result, I have lost touch with what is fashionable.  I spend thousands of dollars a year on clothes and still have three closets full of "nothing to wear". When I have an occasion to attend, it takes me hours to get ready, with a huge pile of clothing on my bed and still a disappointing result. Why is this, I ask? I desperately needed some answers and turned to Jen D Style. This, by far, was the best decision I have made with respect to my wardrobe needs. Aside from the fact that Jen and I had an absolutely wonderful, fun time together, her knowledge and eye for fashion made a world of difference.  From reducing my closet clutter, to putting together fabulous looks with my existing wardrobe, to shopping for additional pieces to enhance my wardrobe and ending up with my very own personal fashion board, was time and money well spent.  Now, I have so many more great looks with far less clothes. I cannot thank Jen enough for sharing her love and talent of fashion with me. She taught me the do's and don't's for my body type,  how to think "out of the box" with respect to putting outfits together and a list of stores to shop for my petite size. Now, it takes me far less time to get ready for any occasion. I spend less money on my wardrobe, no more "what to wear anxiety" and I am always happy to see my new confident self in the mirror. Jen, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your love of fashion with me.  For those that struggle with their closet, I would highly recommend Jen D Style.   



Jen provided personal shopping for me and the experience was exceptional. She was very professional, prepared, and pushed me to try on things that I would have never picked out for myself. We spent a couple of hours trying on clothes that she had picked out in advance, each store that we went to already had clothes pulled and ready for me to try on. I was looking primarily for career wear and Jen chose pieces that worked with my existing wardrobe that I will be able to wear for a long time. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend her!